What People Are Saying About Ronald Howie

"Ronald's passion is so intense, I have no doubt that this guy wants to, can and will help people. His story is going to inspire a ton of people."

Christian Mickelsen
San Diego, USA

"Ronald is a thought provoking speaker who helps you look at how you can approach and overcome life's challenges in a different way. His journey through traumatic head injury to self made businessman is inspiring."

Lt. Colonel Rosie Stone
Lancashire, UK

"Ronald helped me to see how my desired outcome was possible, when everybody else was telling me that it wasn't. What's more, he was right - I achieved it!"

Jill Ray
Bristol, UK

"One of the keys to Ronald's success is his willingness to put himself out there and be vulnerable, empowering those with whom he works to do the same thing and achieve significant breakthroughs."

Larry H. Gassin
San Diego, USA

Give me 30 to 60 minutes with your audience and I'll show them why ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE,
commit the next twelve months to creating YOUR BREAKTHROUGH YEAR and my coaching program will help you make it a reality

Dear Friend,

May I ask you a simple question? What happens when you believe what you are striving for is possible?

I'll tell you what happens. The possibility gives hope, hope inspires action and actions lead to success.

Everybody seeks success in life. But when we get stuck, filled with doubt or just don't know the next step, we can lose that sense of possibility and give up - the surest way to fail.

Breakthroughs begin and end with possibility, and possibility is just a state of mind. One that can be learned.

Who am I and why am I uniquely qualified to help you?

My name is Ronald Howie. Having faced some huge challenges in my life - helping to grow a global software business in the 1990s, then striving to overcome traumatic brain injury - I have become the master of possibility! (You can read my full bio here.)

Against all the odds and pessimistic predictions I received, I achieved the results that I knew were possible, in both fields. And you can too.

Breakthrough Insights

The breakthrough insights I now share through speaking and coaching have the power to save many frustrating years, accelerate success and enable people to achieve a lot more with fewer resources.

My hope is that I can inspire you to dream big and give you the benefit of my experience so that your road becomes easier and quicker.

P.S. Extraordinary results are available to everyone who can harness the principles I have to share. If I can help you, please take action and call. (It won't happen unless you do!)



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